Out of box applications

Site general inspection
Site acquisition
Electrical safety inspection
Site construction
Earthing inspection
Preventive maintenance
Air conditioner inspection
DG / EB metering
Panel inspection
Site ready to install
Lighting arrester inspection
Equipment installation
Load Audit
Equipment commissioning
Fire Audit
Acceptance test 2G / 3G / 4G / Microwave
Tower inspection
Preventive O&M
Brand Audit
Trip management
Brand Audit
Permit to work
Brand Audit
Incident reporting
Brand Audit
Asset verification
Mobile operators

Mobile operators’ needs for atomization would vary based on out sourcing model adapted. Network application stack can be configured to meet specific need of Mobile operator. Some of the mobile operators preferred to include vendor partners on Network application stack to monitor effectiveness of network partners and help them improve productivity. Project management and preventive maintenance are preferred application to start with. Brand audit is other application widely used by mobile operators.

Tower companies

Tower cos are looking for improvement of operation productivity by optimizing fuel / energy cost, Material cost, effective utilization of assets, construction time and cost. Other applications like rent management, Operation and maintenance of site are also of in interest to Tower companies. Network application stack helps tower co to bring constancy in operation and improves overall productivity of operation by reducing cost, improving asset life and improving revenue line.

Manage service providers

Manage service providers are looking for efficiency and productivity by optimizing resources. Roll out of network is critical for manage service provider as every additional site bring recurring revenue for Manage service provider and gives competitive edge to mobile operator. Preventive maintenance helps in keeping network up and running. Better uptime means higher revenue for manage service providers as normally payouts are link to uptime of network. Preferred applications are 2G/ 3G/ 4G site installation, commissioning and acceptance testing. Over all project management and preventive maintenance application stack adds lot of value to manage service providers.


OMEs are normally like to pick and choose applications based on scope of work. Software as service and Pay as your grow model is preferred model for OMEs.

How Telecom application stack can help ?

Mobile operators, Tower companies, Manage service providers and OMEs get benefited by using Telecom application stack. Telecom application stack can be deployed for end to end network process management. It is also possible to pick and choose critical processes to start with and add more processes going forward. This flexibility brings ability to stager investment and brings efficiency in network operation in step by step process.

Change in process is easy to manage as platform is flexible and configurable. Interlinking of process ensure trigger of other process based on completion of process. User right management make application user friendly by showing relevant process based on skill and level of user. Location intelligence ensure field visit and scheduler is useful for automatic management of repeated task. Centralize data base and online working improves visibility and productivity of network team.